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5 best dog breeds that will help you reduce stress and anxiety - 2021 Guide

Among a long list of animals that exist for the animals that fall in the ESA category. it always seems difficult for the patients to pick one. Their thoughts are always blinded by one or another opinion. They at times think that a horse would do, or a cat will be the best. They will hear about a new experience and say that the animal they had is the best. In vegetables, can dogs eat tomatoes? Yes, tomatoes are considered nontoxic to dogs. However, from a standard perspective and experience point of view, an ESA dog is declared the best ESA animal that any person can have. It is because humans and dogs have a relationship that has been going on for centuries. Even before the concept of ESA dogs were kept as pet, guard, and for other purposes. Thus, humans and dogs have always been compatible with each other.

The reason for calling dogs the best ESA pets is due to their friendly nature that melts the hearts of rigid people. Dogs are known for reducing anxiety and stress levels in people. To add scientific evidence to this stance. The research has concluded that dogs are capable of producing dopamine, which is a secretion of hormonal glands that balances the emotion of human beings. For vitamin C, can dogs eat oranges? Yes, dogs can eat oranges. This idea explains that dogs are the happiest creatures that lift the burdens off from humans. Moreover, the intuition of dogs is just amazing, since they are attentive and mindful of their owner's activities. So, whenever they notice a change in their owner's behavior. They react to it and try to calm them by, either taking them out for a quick jog or patting them.

Many people think that all dogs are the same. They all are attentive and act according to the conditions. There is a myth going on, that every dog is alike, and there is nothing that can differentiate them. But they all are wrong, there are many breeds of dogs all around the world, and each of them has distinctive features. If you want to take a dog for a walk or want to smoothly enjoy the weather with them. Then you might get a small dog. But if you wish to feel secure and love to play with dogs. Then a big dog is best for you. So, suit your needs and select one of these best breeds from across the world. In this article, we will list five breeds of dogs that are ideal for reducing stress and anxiety in patients.

  1. Standard Poodles: If you like having a small dog at home or have less space. Then a standard poodle is the best for you. They are active, attentive, intelligent, and calm dogs that make their best companions. Most people who are allergic to dogs are not allergic to poodles. So, they are famous for this reason as well among allergy persons. Moreover, they have a positive outlook, and they are very easy to train as an emotional support animal letter.
  2. Labrador Retrievers: A Labrador is indeed one of the most famous breeds of dogs as it is common all around the world. The origin of this breed is the western region, and they live from 12-14 years. They are friendly and gentle with everyone and specifically their owners. They are strong and even befitting to aid a physically handicapped person. They are polite and calm beings that treat the anxiety of any patient who is suffering from any complex disease.
  3. Golden Retrievers: It is a medium-sized dog with an affectionate and compatible personality. They adjust well with any person despite the nature and extent of the illness. They are of light golden color and have a lot of fur on them. They are soft, and patients are half-treated by only playing with their squishy skin. They are very affectionate and humble to everyone. They enjoy walks, and they ask their owner to go out with them. They daily take their owner for a walk, which resultantly improves their mood and reduces stress levels.
  4. Great Pyrenees: Great Pyrenees or Patou (common name) is an elite breed from the Pyrenean mountain of France. They are big dogs; so, you should prepare ample space for them. These dogs are affectionate, tranquilizing, and intelligent. They instinctively treat the anxiety of patients and play with them. They are jolly, and despite their size, these dogs are still adorable.
  5. Great Danes: If you are looking for a calm and soothing dog that never acts rashly. Then great Danes are the best breed for you. They are big dogs with about a height of three feet. They are sturdy and have a broad build that makes you feel secure at a glimpse. They take care of your anxiety effectively. They are also known as German Mastiffs as they belong to Germany. They live up to 8-10 years and provide you great companionship. Moreover, they are always gentle; thus, they are the best option for anxious people.

Thus, these are the five best breeds of dogs that one can have for themselves for reducing anxiety and stress.

So, if you are up to buying any of these dogs, you must get an esa letter issued by your doctor. This letter is an authority that your dog is legally under your possession.

Furthermore, if you need to get a dog for your house, then get an ESA letter for housing that will allow you to keep the dog at home without any restrictions. This letter holds legal and ethical power among every public place and individual.

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